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DECON’s Peter Bittenbender shares with #Shift

Peter Bittenbender, CEO of DECON, gives #Shift a glimpse into his innovative, powerful business model: combing creative agency, production house and independent record label. [tube]gGhRO2pPYEQ[/tube]

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“Journey of Action” inspires #Shift

Experience the “Journey of Action” team as they share their wisdom on #shift to combine complementary talents and skill sets in a unified focus to follow a singular passion. [tube]7a7sM6C9jo4[/tube]

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How to Communiate Effectively in the Digital Age

We are in a Communication Revolution — a pivotal shift in global culture and influence. Letters are all but extinct thanks to email, text and social networks. Landline telephones are on the endangered species list as homes across the world cut their cords in favor of mobile and VOIP devices. These new tools and technologies enable tangible global connections, expanding …

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Video Conferencing Provides Cutting-Edge Advantage for Realtors

Realtors lead the United States in new media and virtual technology adoption. Surf the web and you find realtors all over the world embracing blogs, social media and video to create their own personal brands. In fact, next to celebrities and athletes, the National Association of REALTORS (NAR) and large organizations like Coldwell Banker lead Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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