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How One Modern Enterprise Used Webcasting Software to Reshape Employee Interactions

While there are many ways that modern enterprises can use webcasts, you may be looking for inspiration to internally leverage your webcasting software. Get the latest on how one organization made an instrumental change in their enterprise by implementing GlobalMeet Webcast to live stream presentations to employees.

Geographical Challenges of the Modern Enterprise

With a few thousand employees spanning across just one state, ComEd, a Chicago-based energy provider, was challenged with wrangling up staff for company-wide events and training sessions. Like many enterprises with widespread staff, ComEd faced a number of exhausting roadblocks for hosting these internal events.

Finding adequate space and planning schedules was nearly impossible. Not to mention costs and resource allocation for coordinating with off-site locations was a bear. In addition, it was almost equally daunting to plan for smaller company events. When searching for a potential solution to overcome these challenges, GlobalMeet Webcast caught their eye.

How GlobalMeet Webcast Stood Out

When ComEd was ready to showcase diversity and inclusion training, they realized that their webcasting software would not hold water. Their solution allowed them to conduct meetings, but they were unable to professionally live stream presentations and record them for future use.

GlobalMeet Webcast empowered ComEd to set up in-person events while live streaming to other office viewing parties and remote employees. In addition, PGi’s reputation for providing great customer service and offering robust feature functionality stood out from the competitors.

Mission-Critical Features

GlobalMeet Webcast offers features and production teams that make the streaming process a snap. ComEd gives special recognition to the following features that they found the most useful:

  • Comprehensive webcast dashboard
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Professional presentation display

These features made it easier for ComEd teams to stay focused on content. Most importantly, it reshaped how they interact with staff.

It’s no secret that live streaming is at the forefront of enterprise communication. Just as ComEd leveraged the right technology to host corporate events, you can use GlobalMeet Webcast to stream presentations.

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